Monday, January 27, 2014

Betty MacDonald's autobiography


Betty MacDonald fans & Marco,

i share my collection of Betty MacDonald dedications.

Image to win Betty MacDonald's autobiography Who, me? with signatures of Betty MacDonald's husband Donald Chauncey MacDonald and Betty MacDonald's sister Mary Bard Jensen.

I want you to know that Who, me? doesn't contain anything new because it's only a compilation of Betty MacDonald's four autobiographical books.

However it's a very rare copy because of these unique signatures.

I'd like to win Betty MacDonald fan club contest although I've never won anything in my whole life.

Marco, thanks for posting the interview. ( see Betty MacDonald fan club blog )

It' a shame indeed for Europe and the World.

The interview with Alan Rusbridger - The Guardian - is very interesting.

More info and Edward Snowden's interview in English on Betty MacDonald fan club blog


Interview with Alan Rusbridger - The Guardian